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"...environment includes not only the water, soil and air but also the social and economic conditions under which we live..."

Prakriti Environment Society (PES) is a non-government organization, Registered Under Society Registration Act 21, 1860.  However it has been initiated in the year 1997, through hundreds of its social functions.


Human race cannot be isolated from its environment.  Environment is the key factor to human survival. By environment we do not just refer to physical factors such as nature but also to the social and demographic surroundings that equally influence our well being and vice versa.

Preservation and evolution of such environment is mandatory.  At one end it is necessary that we do everything in our means to preserve and protect the natural environment and at the same time help evolve and uplift the social condition in which the human race prevails.

It is with this commitment that Prakriti Environment Society (PES), a non-government organisation was initiated.  PES is not just another environmental activist group, but is a voluntary endeavour towards pursuit of knowledge and also towards creating and developing such environmentally conscious attitudes in the human genre.


Prakriti does not restrict itself to a specific line of function, or a specific geographical area, it aims at a holistic approach towards environmental issues.  It aims at a multifold strategy of creating consciousness towards the environment and at the same time initiating action towards the same.

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Chief Functionary - Ms. Jayasree, President

Prakriti Environment Society

The Chief Functionary of the Organisation is Ms. M. Jayasree. By virtue of her vast experience and exposure she is the spokesperson and representative of the organisation in all its practical endeavors. Her dedicated social work and commitment to natural resources management and care for environment protection drive earned her many accolades and placed her in a responsible position in the society.

She is a Graduate in Science and also holds Bachelor degree in Law. She initially started her social work activities in industrial belt of Ramagundam after witnessing the plight of many labor workers there. She further exposed herself to the higher echelons of social work through Lions Club etc. in an organized manner. Her dedicated social work brought her many accolade to her and she occupied important positions in the realm of social work by holding position ensuring social activities in all the areas of importance.

Her exposure and experience in the social work has in fact brought her attention to forming an organization to care for natural resources management and ensure sustainable livelihoods among rural and urban poor.

Key Personnel:

Name Designation Qualification Duration
Smt. M. Jayasree President Advocate Since 1997
Sri. P. Madhav Rao Vice-President MBA Marketing Since 1997
Dr. M. Srinivas General Secretary M.Sc. Phd., Since 1997
Smt. R. Gowri Joint Secretary   B.A. Since 2009
Dr. B. Jayasree Treasurer B.H.M.S Since 1997
Smt. Salma Nasreen Executive Member M.A. B.Ed., Since 2009
Smt. M. Visweswari Executive Member B.A. Since 2009

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